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Gregory Patrick Marino Became obsessed with sound and music at a very young age learning ZELDA theme songs by ear. While growing up in Montreal studying Electroacoustics at Concordia University he also performed guitar and sang in groups like Thick Blooded and french pop-rock band ARIEL. Greg harnessed many musical traits and began shaping his own sound, moods and modes of expressions soon after.

In 2013 he left for Phnom Penh Cambodia, where he was assimilated into the music scene of a predominantly Funk and Jazz nature. He stayed for little over a year performing with the band Marsyas and Berlin-Tech duo Java & Stitch.


Returning to Canada in late 2014 he now resides in Vancouver composing and producing music for himself and other collaborative mediums working with dance troupe SUBSCURA and model/singer LA LUNETTA.


By giving birth to GLYDE, Greg’s composing abilities have expanded into the domains of lushy bass, syncopated beats and an evocative nature that has achieved both moving feet and swaying hips in recent months.
With live guitar & voice whats not to love?

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